Conferences and Events

  • The Virginia Student Councils State Convention:  As a member school of VSCA you will have the opportunity to participate in the most worthwhile student leadership event of the year in Virginia.  At the VSCA Convention students are energized by nationally known motivational speakers and they learn new ideas about fundraisers, service projects, parliamentary procedure, and ways to enhance school spirit.  Students share ideas with students from other schools and work together on regional service projects.  They also have the opportunity to debate resolutions that will be voted on by the student leaders at Convention and then forwarded to the educational leaders of the Commonwealth.  Participants at Convention elect state officers who will represent their interests at the next level as well as Regional Representatives to lead activities in each region. Additionally, advisers gain insight into how to more successfully mentor their student leaders.  The Convention includes fun events such as a banquet, a pep rally, and social activities.  Most advisers who attend the VSCA Convention realize that it unites their student council and gives them ideas about how to effectively plan for the future.  The VSCA Convention is an event not to be missed by any student or adviser dedicated to the principles of student leadership.
  • Regional Leadership Workshops:  As a member school, you will pay a significantly reduced rate to participate in Regional Leadership Workshops.  Organized by the Regional Representative schools, these workshops are conducted throughout the state to help students develop their leadership skills.  Regional Leadership Workshops allow students to share ideas, practice parliamentary procedure, learn icebreakers and team building exercises, and network with student leaders from their region.  These one-day events can generate many ideas and much enthusiasm that will help develop and re-energize school programs.
  • Summer Leadership Workshop: VSCA plans to bring back the multi-day summer leadership workshop. As a precursor to a full weeklong workshop, in July 2023 members of the Advisory Committee will have an opportunity to grow as leaders through a one-day leadership workshop hosted by the VSCA President School. Details are being worked out now, so watch for news here and in the newsletter.


  • The Student Leader (The VSCA Newsletter): The VSCA newsletter is an on-line resource for students and advisers.  Each monthly issue of the newsletter comprises ideas for students and advisers about service projects, fundraisers, and spirit ideas.  Members of VSCA are encouraged to submit ideas to the Student Leader for publication.  These submissions allow your school to gain visibility and recognition for your activities and accomplishments, as well as giving great ideas to other student leaders.
  • The Official VSCA Advisor's Handbook:  The VSCA Adviser's Handbook is under revision and is not currently available. Refer to the National Student Council Handbook for guidance.

Other Assistance

The VSCA Director and the VSCA State Office will assist student councils with the development of Constitutions and By-Laws, student government structures, and effectively running a Student Council Association.  As a member school, you are encouraged to contact the VSCA Director with any and all concerns about Student Council at  Your emails will be returned promptly.