2023 - 2024 Academic Year

State Officers

trio of officers


Meredith Stapleton

Courtland High School

Ms. Amy Thorne & Bobbie Almassy, advisers

Vice President

Gabrielle Gunter

Buckingham County High School

Ms. Mary Stearett, adviser


Spencer Cocuzzo

Grassfield High School

Ms. Alicia White, adviser

2023 - 2024 Academic Year Region Representatives

Region 1 Representative School

Prince George High School

Raquel Thompson, student representative

Mr. John Clark, adviser

Region 2        Representative   School

Grassfield High School

 Alexa Howey, student representative 

Ms. Alicia White, adviser

Region 3 Representative School

Courtland High School

Kelsey Thorne, student representative

Ms. Amy Thorne & Ms. Bobbie Almassy, advisers

Region 4 Representative School

Orange County High School

Jackson Hamilton, student representative 

Ms. Laurie Jamerson, adviser

Region 5 Representative School

Liberty High School

 Marisa Parikh, student representative 

Ms. Jeannie Willis, adviser

Region 8 Representative School

Buckingham County High School

TBD, student representative

Ms. Mary Stearett, adviser

Middle Level Representative Schools

Locust Grove Middle School

Jackson Cianci, student representative

Ms. Sabrina Gibson, adviser


Benton Middle School

TBD, student representative

Ms. Dana Heino, adviser

Interested in Running for Office for 2024-2025?

Elections for officer and region rep positions are conducted at the state convention. The deadline to file an application to run is January 22, 2024. Check the candidate packet of information for more details and the application.