What can the VSCA do for Virginia schools?

VSCA provides services geared toward elementary, middle, and high school students, advisers, and administrators. Membership is open to any public or private school (K-12) in the Commonwealth. Membership in VSCA provides these benefits: 

  • Regional Workshops: Regional workshop meetings are designed to provide opportunities for students and advisors to learn effective and responsible leadership skills and exchange ideas.  The state is divided into eight (8) regions, and each region has the opportunity to meet and discuss topics and issues pertinent to their region.
  • Annual State Student Council Convention:  The VSCA Annual Convention is the flagship of all VSCA functions.  Nationally known keynote and seminar speakers, student-led breakout sessions on a plethora of topics, multimedia presentations, a session with representatives from the state Board of Education, and a sample pep rally are just a few of the highlights of the annual Convention.  The convention is designed to bring students and advisors statewide to a forum in which they can learn to become effective leaders, to understand the responsibilities of leadership, to identify specific skills as they pertain to particular council offices, and to practice the democratic process.  The elections for state officers and regional representatives and recognition of award-winning councils are the culminating events of the convention.
  • Adviser Training:  Workshops and webinars addressing the specific needs of advisers are offered regularly, including an advisors-only one-day workshop in December.  These sessions provide professional development for advisers in building student councils and provide ideas, techniques, networking, and inspiration.
  • The Student Leader Newsletter:  The Student Leader is an electronic newsletter that features articles and information and is used as a forum for student councils around the state to share their activities and ideas.
  • Leadership Opportunities:
    VSCA has many different opportunities for students to develop their leadership with our organization beyond attending a conference. Student leaders from around the Commonwealth:
    • Learn from online webinars throughout the year
    • Share ideas and network with other student leaders through social media
    • Gain recognition for their school council activities through the Achievement Awards program
    • Present workshops at regional and state conferences
    • Guide the Association’s activities and lead their peers as state officers and regional representatives 
    • Serve on the Advisory Committee to offer guidance to the Association and plan the annual state convention.
    We would love for you to become part of our state association!

VSCA is one of the best assets a principal has for achieving their goals.

2024-25 membership is open!

Before you leave school for the summer, send in your application for membership for next year so you will be ready to start off the year right. We have some exciting things planned for summer and early fall, so don't miss the opportunity to receive the information. Renew now!