The VSCA State Office, the Officer Schools and Region Representative Schools, and the entire Advisory Committee are excited to welcome your school to the

97th annual VSCA Convention!

March 15-16, 2024

at VSCA President School Courtland High School

VSCA convention logo 2024

VSCA is excited to announce that our 2024 annual convention will be a two-day event hosted by 2023-24 President School, Courtland High School, March 15-16, 2024.

The convention will feature "To VSCA and Beyond: Where Leadership Has No Limits" as its theme, with region meetings and general sessions, a catered VSCA Awards Banquet, Learning Labs, election of new officers and region representatives, a session with the Virginia Board of Education, a pep rally, and social activities.

The officers, Advisory Committee members, and host school are working hard to create an exciting leadership event designed to enable members to share ideas, network, and build stronger leadership skills to take back to their home schools. Look for the registration packet to be available in November. Other information will be linked below as it becomes available to help you prepare to get the most from this amazing experience full of learning with hundreds of the best student leaders and their advisers from across the Commonwealth.

We can't wait to see you in March! 

Make your hotel reservations at a local hotel of your choice. We encourage you to make your reservation NOW to ensure getting a room at the hotel of your choice. Our block will be expanded if it fills early. (There is a cancellation policy that you can cancel before the convention if you book too many rooms.)

Apply to present a Learning Lab to showcase the great things your council does and share your experiences with others.


Carrying on VSCA Traditions

Get ready to participate in two time-honored VSCA convention traditions!

Fringies: How to make them

Friendly Fringies are a tradition at VSCA that provide an easy way to break the ice when meeting someone new. We'll modify the practice this year to keep everyone safer and use fist or elbow bumps instead of hugs, but you'll still get to swap fringies. Check out this video for how to make them. 

School Explosion: How to create one

School explosions are a way to introduce your delegation to the other schools at convention. Make up a short 30-second cheer or chant and be ready to explode with energy during the opening general session. 

Highlights from the 2023 Convention