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Leadership Opportunities

VSCA has many different opportunities for students to develop their leadership with our organization beyond attending a conference.

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Awards & Recognition

Student leaders, councils, advisers, and administrators are recognized annually through several recognition and award programs.

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Convention & Workshops

Regional leadership workshops and the annual state convention provide opportunities for networking and training for both students and advisers.

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Leadership Development Day

Student leaders and advisors from across Virginia gathered to learn skills and share ideas to make their councils more effective at the second annual Leadership Development Day on Thursday, July 11. 

The day started with a focus on the purposes of student council and how a council's goals should connect with the projects it plans. Student leaders learned about backwards planning for projects and parliamentary procedures for meetings -- including spirited motions, amendments, and discussions to create a delicious candy salad. Discovering True Colors personality styles helped members understand people's differences and strengths and how to work together more effectively. Along the way everyone played some games, tie dyed shirts, and made a bunch of new friends!

If you missed this experience, consider attending one of the fall regional workshops to enhance your own leadership development and connect with student leaders from schools in your area!

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Advisor of the Year
Admin of the Year

Ms. Lesley Sarver (left) and Dr. William Lancaster (above) were recognized to their outstanding contributions to and support of student council activities in their school and state.

Advisor & Administrator of the Year Honored

The annual Awards Banquet at the VSCA Convention featured awarding the Advisor of the Year and Administrator of the Year awards.

Congratulations to Lesley Sarver from Hickory High School who received the VSCA Adviser of the Year award. As SCA Adviser for the Hawks, Mrs. Sarver is a trailblazer in the field of student activities and student leadership. She values collaborating with community partners, promoting a positive school climate, and celebrating the students and staff of Hickory High School.

Congratulations to Dr. William Lancaster, principal of Massaponas High School, who received the VSCA Administrator of the Year award. His SCA president wrote of him, "he is extremely supportive of any activities that will help to raise school spirit, and shows initiative in wanting to make Massaponax a better place for everyone."

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