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Leadership Opportunities

VSCA has many different opportunities for students to develop their leadership with our organization beyond attending a conference.

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Awards & Recognition

Student leaders, councils, advisers, and administrators are recognized annually through several recognition and award programs.

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Convention & Workshops

Regional leadership workshops and the annual state convention provide opportunities for networking and training for both students and advisers.

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Join us March 15-16 for the VSCA Convention

Join student leaders and advisors from across the Commonwealth for this premier student council event. Check here for the 2024 Convention Registration Packet and information on how to register. And please consider sharing your ideas and knowledge by applying to present a Learning Lab at this year's convention. We are looking for both student and advisor presenters!  


Apply Now for Achievement Award Recognition

The Achievement Award is VSCA's highest honor for student councils. To be recognized, schools must apply and submit documentation of completing a variety of activities. The required and additional projects must be assembled in a portfolio and reviewed by the school principal. All member schools that complete the criteria will receive the Award. Check here for the Achievement Award 2024 information packet and application.

10 Tips for Engaging Members in Class Competitions

By Lyn Fiscus

Student leaders often find themselves in the position of trying to motivate their peers to participate in class competitions. Sure, there are always a few students who are eager to put themselves out there, but how about the rest of the class? The challenge is to engage more than the usual few and build a sense of camaraderie and spirit that will result in a unified class. Here are 10 tips to help you do just that.    [Click here for more.] 

Build a sense of camaraderie and class spirit by engaging class members in competitions with these tips. 

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If you haven't been part of VSCA for a while, take a second look and discover all the great programs and resources we offer. Check out this website then complete the membership application for the 2023-24 school year and get involved in our programs!

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